Who are Bad Apple?

Bad Apple is a creative studio based in Bray, County Wicklow.

We are the visual storytellers, out of the box thinkers, brand experts and graphic nerds. We are dedicated to working with like minded people to help them see their dreams come to life. We are ambitious, enthusiastic and curious.
We tackle projects head on with our arsenal of creative weapons.

We come up with ways to make your brand, product or service stand out in its market place. Whether it is on the top of a shelf or live on the web, no project is too big or small for us to handle.

With our passion and knowledge for all things visual, we have helped
brands of all ages visualize their potential.

How we work?

Ambition, creativity and curiosity lead our process to take an idea from sketchpad to shopfront. We take on all projects with a clear and precise process that we have developed and perfected over the years.

We like to start all projects off with a chat and this first initial chat allows us to find out what you may have in mind. Here we find out your idea, your intended market, what your goals are and how we can help.

From what we have learned from the first initial chat we then begin phase 1 of the project. This is the research phase and here we look at both the market and visual research as well as coming up with strategies to catapult your product, service or brand to the top of its market.

After the research has been completed we then move on to phase 2 of the project. This phase allows us to come up with on average 3 concepts from the research that we found in phase 1.

Once a concept has been chosen from phase 2 we then move to the final phase of the project. Phase 3 allows us to choose a concept and run with it. We make the necessary changes to the concept to get it 110% and we will get all of your files ready so it can be sent to print and come to life.

You will be on this journey every step of the way, you will know your brand inside out after this process.

How can we help?

Brand Strategy & Design

You might need our brand strategy and design service if you need:

- A brand for your new product, service or business
- To refresh your already existing brand
- To make your product, service or business stand out in the marketplace
- To give your brand a consistent look and feel

How do we deliver?

- Brand Consulting
- Brand Strategy
- Brand Design
- Brand Bible
- Social Media Graphics
- Typography
- Art Direction
- Graphic Assets

Web Design & Digital Management

You might need our web design & digital management service if you need:

- To keep your brand up to date and relevant
- A website for your product, service or brand
- To stand out in a competitive online market
- To drive traffic to your website
- To drive sales for your brand

How do we deliver?

- Website Design
- UX/UI Design
- Website Management
- Social Media Management
- Social Media Content
- Website Content
- Digital Marketing
- Digital Campaigns


You might need our photography service if you need:

- To capture your product or service in line with your brand guidelines
- To promote your product, service or event
- To gather content for your digital or printed platforms

How do we deliver?

- Product Photography
- Event Photography
- Social Media Content
- Website Content
- Promotional Material
- Digital Campaign
- Printed Campaign


You might need our videography service if you need:

- An advertisement to make your brand stand out
- To promote your product or service
- To tell a visual story
- To create content to drive sales

How do we deliver?

- Video Production
- Product Video
- Event Video
- Social Media Content
- Website Content
- Promotional Material
- Digital Campaign
- Interviews
- Testimonials
- Art Direction

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