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We have been involved in a lot of amazing things over the last few years. We want to keep you up to date with what is happening with the people we are working with.

Glovers Grand Opening

Glovers is a family run cafe located in Bray. Their grand opening was scheduled for early March but due to the current Pandemic the cafe was forced to stay closed until further notice.

Glovers have fought back to make the necessary and appropriate measures that are in line with the proper health regulations to get their business running.

The coffee started flowing on April 15th and we wish them the very best of luck.

Catalyst Go Digital

Brays most popular vegan and eco-friendly hubs has tackled the current crisis by taking their first steps
to going digital.

Bad Apple has helped Catalyst come up with a plan to keep their business running and to supply their loyal customers with their environmentally friendly products, coffee grind
and coffee products.

JHM Episode 11

James Healy from JHM: Running Away With The Film Crew has released his eleventh episode of the year.

This podcast is informative, professional and hard-hitting with content about everything involved with the film industry, mental health, self expression and entrepreneurship.

Listen to episode 11 here!

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