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January 2020
Bad Apple Creative
Sycamore Construction
Sycamore Construction is a construction company based in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland and has been running for a number of years delivering high quality, efficient and affordable work to east coast of Ireland and afar. In October of 2019 Sycamore came to Bad Apple with the hope of refreshing their brand so that it stood out in the competitive market they operate in.

The logo that we created is derived from the very name of the company 'Sycamore'. We used the idea of the Sycamore tree and everything it represents in a natural environment, which would be Growth, Roots, Connection and these are all derivatives of the morals and values of the brand.

Sycamore is a brand that plans to grow not only the business but the community around the brand. It has deep roots of history and heritage with friendships and relationships built over a number of years of hard work and commitment. The connection with stakeholders, suppliers, retailers, partners, customers and community mean a lot to Sycamore.

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